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On this page, you will find information about the climate and the best time to visit Ontario. We created climate tables and charts for the location of Toronto. These contain details about temperatures, precipitation and more.

Furthermore, we analyzed all climate data and provide a recommendation about which months are best to visit Ontario for your holiday.

Climate Overview

Thermometer Symbol -8 °C to 27 °C
Rainy Cloud Symbol 1.813.31 in (9 – 15 Days of Rain)
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Geographical location

Ontario is a province in southeastern Canada and is home to around 13 million inhabitants. With Canada’s largest city (Toronto) and the country’s capital (Ottawa), Ontario is one of the country’s most important regions both politically and economically.

The province borders Québec to the east and Manitoba to the west and five US states to the south: Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York.

Between Ontario and the United States there are several waters, including rivers and lakes. The region is divided into three different types of landscape: Half of the province is occupied by the so-called Canadian Shield, a rather barren but mineral-rich region. Second zone is the lowland of Hudson Bay in the northeast with numerous swamps and forests.

The third zone and main region of Ontario is the fertile valley in the south, which is home to about 75 percent of Ontario’s population. Ontario has five national parks and shares the popular Niagara Falls on the state border with the state of New York. Niagara Falls is the name of the sister towns on both sides of the waterfalls.

Climate in Ontario

Niagara Falls (Artur Staszewski)  []  CC BY-SA 
License Information available under 'Proof of Image Sources' In general, the seasons in Ontario are very distinct. Southern and southeastern Ontario has a temperate climate with humid summers and cold winters. In the east and in the centre of the province the climate is more continental than in the south, the summers here are quite short and warm, the winters rather long and cold.

Winters are longest and coldest in northern Ontario, and summer time is comparatively short. The climate is described here as subpolar. Compared to the south, there is less precipitation in the north. However, there is usually snow from October to May.

In general, there is regular rainfall throughout the year in Ontario, but most rain falls in summer. In the provincial capital Toronto and the Niagara Falls about 80 miles away, it is pleasantly warm from June to mid-September with daytime temperatures of 25 °C to 27 °C.

Best Time to Visit Ontario: Overview

MaximumMax.1 °C
MaximumMax.1 °C
MaximumMax. 4 °C
MaximumMax. 12 °C
TemperaturesTemp. up to 18 °C
Best time to traveltime
PerfectPerf. climate in
Best time to traveltime
PerfectPerf. climate in
Best time to traveltime
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Best time to traveltime
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TemperaturesTemp. up to 15 °C
MaximumMax. 8 °C
MaximumMax. 1 °C

When to go to Ontario?

Depending on your personal preferences, there are various recommendations for the best travel time for the province of Ontario. Holidaymakers who like the Indian Summer with its colourful vegetation and mild temperatures should arrive in late autumn. Wintertime is less recommended for city trips because of the sometimes enormous cold and heavy rainfall.

A phenomenon in winter is the so-called Lake Effect with its enormous thunderstorms and large snowfalls, during which cold sea air meets the stored warmth of the lakes undiminished. In the north of the province there is usually even ground frost and snow from November to April.

The high season in Ontario and the capital Toronto is between June and September in warm and rather humid summers. Niagara Falls can be visited from April to October, when the world-famous attraction is regularly extremely crowded and overcrowded in high summer. The fringe months in early summer and the transition to autumn can therefore be a good alternative.

Climate Chart Ontario


Climate Chart Toronto
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Source of Data: German Weather Service (Offenbach) and Wikipedia

Climate Table Ontario

In the following, you will find the climate table for Ontario, containing information about Temperatures, Precipitation, and Hours of Sunshine.

Temperatures, Precipitation, Sunshine in Toronto (Ontario)

Day Temperature-1°-0°12°18°24°27°26°22°15°
Night Temperature-8°-7°-3°14°17°16°12°-5°
Precipitation (inch)1.811.812.242.522.62.723.033.312.912.482.762.6
Rainy days1512121212999991313
Hours of Sunshine345679987533
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The annual average temperature in Toronto is 8.9 °C.

For comparison: London 11 °C, NYC 12 °C, LA 17.9 °C

Warmest month: July (21.8 °C)
Coldest month: January (-4.4 °C)

Overall annual precipitation: 30.79 inch on 134 rainy days

For comparison: London 24.06 in, NYC 41.57 in, LA 12.01 in

There is no rainy season (months with more than 6.9 in of precipitation).

Months that have possible snowfall: January, February, March, April, November, and December

As our climate table shows, July is the sunniest month with an average of 9.1 hours of sunshine per day. Over the year, there are 5.6 hours of sunshine per day on average. For comparison: London has 4.1, NYC has 7 and LA has 8.9 hours of sunshine per day on average.

Highlights and Attractions

The most popular places in Ontario are the provincial capital Toronto, the Niagara Falls and the state capital Ottawa. Special attractions in Ottawa are the Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal and the Canadian War Museum.

In Toronto, the Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada, the delicacies of St. Lawrence Market, High Park, the Steam Whistle Brewery and the view from the CN Tower are some of the attractions.

Other attractions in Ontario include the Shaw Festival Theatre, the Konzelmann Estate Winery on Lake Ontario, a visit to Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm in Huntsville and Algonquin Provincial Park.

Popular Activities

More attractions

Toronto: Harbor and Islands Sightseeing Cruise | Royal Ontario Museum: General Admission Ticket | From Toronto: Small Group Day Trip to Niagara Falls | Toronto: Private Tour with a Local | Toronto Islands: Morning or Twilight 3.5-Hour Bike Tour | Toronto: Heart of Downtown 3.5-Hour Bike Tour | Toronto: Small Group City Sightseeing Day Tour |

Current Weather and Forecast

Current Weather in Toronto (Station Seaton Village)
broken clouds     broken clouds, -9.3 °C
Clouds: 66 %       Wind: 13 mph WSW
Air Pressure: 1018 hPa       Humidity: 71 %
Last updated: 13th Mar 2022, 01:06 pm
The next days …
14th Mar 202215th Mar 202216th Mar 202217th Mar 202218th Mar 202219th Mar 2022
overcast clouds-2 °C to 5 °Crain and snow-0 °C to 2 °Covercast clouds1 °C to 4 °Clight rain3 °C to 11 °Cmoderate rain4 °C to 7 °Clight rain4 °C to 7 °C
-2 °C to 5 °C-0 °C to 2 °C1 °C to 4 °C3 °C to 11 °C4 °C to 7 °C4 °C to 7 °C
Clouds: 94 %Clouds: 100 %Clouds: 100 %Clouds: 100 %Clouds: 100 %Clouds: 99 %
No Precipitation0.01 in of rainNo Precipitation0.02 in of rain0.41 in of rain0.06 in of rain
Weather information provided by OpenWeatherMap. (CC BY-SA)
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Canada: Regions

Ontario is part of the holiday destination Canada. We analyzed the climate for additional regions, in order to provide you with information about the best time to visit and the expected holiday weather:

Ontario: Experiences of our Visitors

There are 2 reviews for Ontario holiday already. Average rating is 4.5 of 5 stars.
  1. Avatar Preview
    Nina, 34 years old was there in February

    The travel season in February is very suitable for a city tour. For example, Toronto is very well connected to public transport and the Path, so the ice-cold weather is no problem. – 5 ° C in humid-cold Germany I feel more unpleasant than the dry cold with – 15 ° C in Toronto.

    Weather Rating: 4 stars – Good

  2. Avatar Preview
    Gabriele , 51 years old was there in August

    The weather was great. Not too warm, but sunny (sometimes a little cloudy) but dry. Just the right weather for excursions and sightseeing.
    I rate the weather with a grade of 1

    Weather Rating: 5 stars – Excellent

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