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Los Angeles, often called L.A., is the city where glamour and glamour meet. As home to several renowned film productions, Los Angeles is the Mecca for stars of the film, music and fashion world. Due to the beautiful weather all year round, L.A. is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Huge beaches, entertainment miles and sights ensure that Los Angeles never gets bored.

California’s largest city offers film industry fans numerous opportunities to explore. On the Walk of Fame or in Disneyland, for example, you can follow the footsteps of film history, while at Venice Beach or Santa Monica Beach you can enjoy the sunny weather. There is no lack of attractions in the city.

Below we present you the most exciting tours, the most beautiful attractions and the best sights in Los Angeles.

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1. Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign is probably the most famous landmark of the city of Los Angeles and should not be missed on any panoramic picture of the metropolis. Indeed, the actual area around the sign is fenced off and not accessible, but anyway, one has a much better view to the landmark from the parking place of the Griffith Observatory. At the same time a hike through the mountains and the noble neighbourhood is offered.

In fact, the Hollywood Sign has much more to do with Los Angeles than the origin of many significant productions might suggest. So every single letter was financed by well-known artists and entrepreneurs who were already working in L.A.. Besides Gene Autry or Hugh Hefner, Alice Cooper also contributed to the maintenance of the shield.

2. Walk of fame

The Walk of Fame is without doubt the most famous walkway in the world. Over fifteen blocks of houses the way extends, on which stars from the categories film, television, music, radio and theatre are immortalized with their own star. Over 2,500 stars have already been let into the pavement, but it is far less spectacular and glamorous than expected by many first-time visitors.

In addition to several people from different industries, fictitious personalities such as Bugs Bunny or film dogs such as Lassie will also be honoured on the Walk of Fame. In the immediate vicinity of the Walk of Fame is the Dolby Theatre, which serves as a regular venue for the annual Oscars.

3. Universal Studios

The experience in the Universal Studios in Los Angeles is most comparable to the Filmpark Babelsberg. A visit to the shooting studios, the theme park and the guided tour are among the highlights of the Universal Studios. However, Universal Studios is much larger than any other film park in the world.

Rides and replicas of famous sets from movies like King Kong or Jurassic Park make Universal Studios not only a popular location for world-famous blockbusters, but also one of Los Angeles’s most visited attractions for all ages.

4. Griffith Observatory

From numerous movies like “La La Land” the Griffith Observatory on the south side of Mount Hollywood is also famous. From there you have a good view to the Hollywood Sign and the city, but also within the complex the observatory has a lot to offer. There you can visit the exhibition “Hall of Science”.

The “Laserium” program is also part of the Griffith Observatory repertoire. Especially in the evening not only the stars shine impressively bright, but also the lights of downtown Los Angeles. The Griffith Park of the same name also presents itself as an oasis of peace away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis on the west coast.

5. Santa Monica

On the outskirts of Los Angeles is the city of Santa Monica, seamlessly linked to L.A. and the beach of the same name. On sunny days you can end your day there after a stroll through the city. The Santa Monica Pier is also famous. This is the end point of the famous Route 66 and offers some worthwhile sights and attractions.

Among other things, there is a large Ferris wheel from which you can enjoy the view of the city and the sea as well as a roller coaster. A Route 66 sign is also a popular motif to photograph. Santa Monica is thus a popular attraction for tourists and locals in good weather, from which one is rarely spared in California.

6. Venice Beach

Closer to the city centre is Venice Beach, one of the most visited sights of Los Angeles. Blue sea and white sand can be found en masse at Venice Beach. Many different cultures meet at the famous Californian beach. The local skater scene populates the beach due to its extensive skateboarding facilities.

The wide footpaths surrounded by palm trees are ideal for a leisurely stroll or a bicycle ride in the sunset. Restaurants and cafés are of course also numerous at Venice Beach. But even for simple relaxation in the sun or swimming in the blue waters of the Pacific, Venice Beach is the right place.

7. Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo, with its population of about 30,000, is still a popular retreat for the large number of Japanese citizens of the city. There you will find numerous buildings that are based on the original historical buildings in Japan. Souvenirs can be purchased in several Japanese shops.

Of course, some Sushi-Bars are also part of the panorama of the district. Every year in August, Little Tokyo hosts Nisei Week, a Japanese festival full of events and attractions. The monument to the Challenger astronaut Ellison Shoji Onizuka or the Japanese American National Museum can also be visited in Little Tokyo.

8. TCL Chinese Theatre

The TCL Chinese Theatre opened in 1927, making it one of the oldest cinemas in Los Angeles. It was formerly named after its founder Sid Grauman. The cinema was built in the style of a Chinese pagoda. The TCL Chinese Theatre is best viewed at one of the many film screenings that still take place every day.

However, the cinema is world-famous for its collection of hand and shoe prints of several film stars who were allowed to immortalize themselves there, similar to the Walk of Fame. From Jennifer Lawrence to Fred Astaire, there are numerous imprints in the cement in front of the cinema.

9. The Getty Center

Culture is naturally omnipresent in Los Angeles. The Getty Center, the city’s most famous art museum, offers a good view of numerous paintings and sculptures. Close by is the Getty Villa with several other exhibitions.

However, the architecture of the buildings is also impressive. In the style of ancient Rome you can find open buildings and extensive green spaces in the surroundings. Since the building complex is located on a hill, you can overlook the lowlands of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean in clear weather.

10. Disneyland

Although the city of Anaheim no longer belongs to the actual core of Los Angeles, it is directly connected to it. Disneyland is thus an attraction that fits into the image of the city shaped by the film industry. Disneyland Resort near Los Angeles is one of the most visited theme parks in the world.

Visitors and locals can follow in the footsteps of Mickey Mouse or Goofy since the opening in 1955. Walt Disney himself was responsible for the foundation of the park. The repertoire of the popular amusement park includes various theme areas for all Disney classics as well as roller coasters and other rides.

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March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November

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