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Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is multicultural, diverse and extremely attractive. The capital of the state of New South Wales offers both metropolitan flair and mountains with the Blue Mountains as well as beautiful coastal sections with many beaches and bays.

Sydney is not only a cosmopolitan city, but also one of the most liveable metropolises in the world. About 5.5 million people live in the city and it continues to grow. The languages spoken here are as multi-cultural as the inhabitants.

The most common languages are English, Arabic, Greek and Cantonese. If you visit Sydney, you should plan a lot of time. The city has a lot to offer, be it nightlife, shopping, nature, bars, restaurants or a lot of art and culture.

Below we present you the most exciting tours, the most beautiful attractions and the best sights in Sydney.

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1. Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous buildings in the world. The house itself into a work of art, but also houses all possible forms of performing art. It belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Inside, visitors will find 1000 rooms with countless stories. The building has become a landmark of Australia and belongs to the most photographed sightseeings of the country.

It is located directly on the water, at Port Jackson, from where you can also watch an unforgettable sunset. The Sydney Opera House is considered one of the largest cultural centres in the world. Over four million visitors flock to the house every year, and up to 2,500 events take place here during this period.

2. Sydney Tower Eye for the best view

Another landmark of the city is the Tower. It is an observation tower that is also open to visitors. At a height of 251 meters from here you have an unbelievable view of the city. The tower is open every day except Christmas. The four-storey area for visitors also includes two revolving restaurants and a café. There is also a skywalk at a height of 260 metres.

This is a platform perimeter with a glass floor. The visitors are secured up here with a rope and can catch an even more beautiful view of the city from the roof of the tower basket – well noticed in the open air. From the tower you can see about 80 kilometres and look at the Pacific, Botany Bay, the Blue Mountains as well as the natural harbour from above.

3. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Another landmark of the city is this bridge at Port Jackson. It is also popularly called The Coathanger. It is an architectural wonder. The Harbour Bridge consists of approximately 52,800 tons of steel, more than half of which was used for the bow.

The steel arch bridge is one of the most important sights for tourists and a popular photo motif. The listed Harbour Bridge is equipped with eight lanes for cars, two railway tracks, a cycle path and a pedestrian zone. From here you have a breathtaking view of the harbour, the Opera House and the skyline of Sydney.

4. Strolling and surfing at Bondi Beach

It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Bondi Beach combines a white sandy beach with a crystal blue sea. For visitors this place is simply fantastic. The beach is about one kilometre long and a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

The water temperature here is about 25 degrees and besides sunbathing or a walk on the beach, you can also enjoy the day in one of the cafés or simply learn to surf. Bondi Beach is one of the best surfing spots in the world.

5. Shopping in the Queen Victoria Building

Sydney is of course also a hotspot for shopping lovers. Just the way a metropolis should be. One of the most magnificent shopping centres in the world is the Queen Victoria Building. The Victorian building with the unforgettable design is located in the center of the city. It was built and opened in the 19th century. The main focus here is definitely on the huge dome.

At Christmas you can find a big Christmas tree here every year. In the Queen Victoria Building one has numerous shopping possibilities, but also cafés and restaurants for the breaks between the shopping. But the building is also worth a visit without shopping because it is simply impressive both architecturally and historically. It is one of the most exclusive and also most popular shopping centres among the inhabitants and visitors of the city.

6. Pure nature in the Blue Mountains

At the edge of the metropolis there is a wonderful piece of nature. The Blue Mountains and their National Park offer unique landscapes, the incomparable rock formations of the Three Sisters, rivers and gorges. Here nature is still nature and attentive visitors can also admire rare animal and plant species.

Wild kangaroos also live here and are accustomed to the presence of humans. If you want to take your time, you can also camp in the Blue Mountains National Park and spend a few days longer in the Australian nature.

7. Relax in the Royal Botanic Gardens

Out of the hustle and bustle of the big city, into nature. A visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens is particularly relaxing – the perfect place to take a break. In a relaxed and above all quiet atmosphere there are lush green parks, ponds and meadows to relax and enjoy. The botanical garden covers more than 30 hectares and is the largest park of its kind in the city.

A beautiful highlight of this sightseeing of Sydney is beside the nature, the animals and plants, the tropical centre and the rose garden. Here you can also picnic directly at the South Pacific on one of the meadows and let your soul dangle. Numerous restaurants and cafés also invite you to linger. From here, one also has a wonderful view to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

8. Regional shopping at Eveleigh Farmers Market

A little secret tip to get to know the Australian culture, the food and the locals of Sydney better is the Eveleigh Farmers Market. Here you can find regional and sustainably produced products, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and all kinds of other stalls and market stalls.

The market is located in a hall, where it smells from every corner. Finished meals can also be bought and eaten here. The Eveleigh Farmers Market is open all year round in all weather conditions and is one of Sydney’s culinary attractions.

9. A day at Sydney Harbour

This port is not just a port. It is one of the world’s most beautiful natural harbours along the coast. Here you can marvel at yachts and sailboats, or see the city from the water with a motor cruiser or ferry. The ferry terminal Circular Quay is considered to be the pulsating centre of the harbour.

Here you can start harbour cruises or go by water taxi from A to B. From here you can also walk to the Opera House as well as the Botanical Gardens and the Harbour Bridge. With a boat tour one can also visit uninhabited islands of the city from here. It also hosts events throughout the year, such as the Vivid Festival and the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

10. Insider tip Kings Cross

A small insider tip and especially interesting for younger people is the Kings Cross. This district is considered by the population to be the red light district of Sydney. But unlike you might think, it’s not dangerous or shady here. Regular police patrols ensure sufficient security.

Many backpackers and young travellers like the neighborhood because there are a lot of hostels. But Kings Cross is also the perfect place to go out for all the other visitors because it has the hottest bars, clubs and pubs in town. Here you can party until the morning hours or explore the neighborhood.

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Best time to visit Sydney

We recommend the following months as best time to travel for exploring the attractions and acivities of Sydney:

January, February, March, April, May, August, September, October, November, and December

You can find more information about the weather, including all climate data, on our climate page for Sydney.

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