Best Time to Visit Bhutan

Pungthan Dechen Dzong (Göran Höglund (Kartläsarn))  CC BY
On this page, you will find information about the climate and the best time to visit Bhutan. We created climate tables and charts for the location of Thimphu. These contain details about temperatures, precipitation and more.

Furthermore, we analyzed all climate data and provide a recommendation about which months are best to visit Bhutan for your holiday.

Climate Overview

Thermometer Symbol -3 °C to 24 °C
Rainy Cloud Symbol 01.42 in
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Geographical location

The Kingdom of Bhutan is located in South Asia and borders Tibet to the north and the Indian states of West Bengal, Assam, Sikkim and Arunchal Pradesgh to the south. The Himalayas shape the landscape of Bhutan.

More than 80 percent of the country is at an altitude of over 2000 meters. The main settlement area is the Himalaya region at altitudes between 2000 and 3000 metres. The capital is Thimphu. Gnagkhar Puensum is the highest mountain in the country at 7,570 metres. He’s never been climbed by a human before.

Mountaineering is forbidden by law in Bhutan above 6000 meters, the locals suspect the existence of ghosts and gods above this limit. In 1985 and 1986, four expeditions failed in their attempt to climb the summit. The Lind is more and more intensively developed for tourism from year to year. For example, there are only a limited number of flight tickets, so a trip to Bhutan must be planned in detail.

Climate in Bhutan

Guru Rinpoche In Bhutan there are clear differences in climate in different regions. In the south there is a tropical to subtropical climate. In the central areas there is a temperate climate. Thus the winters are cool and the summers hot.

Typical for the Himalaya Mountains are the intense and cold winters. In the south, heavy rains and floods can occur during the rainy season. There is little rainfall in the capital Timphu throughout the year. In the months of June, July and August temperatures of over 20 °C can be found here.

Best Time to Visit Bhutan: Overview

MaximumMax. 11 °C
MaximumMax. 11 °C
Best time to traveltime
PerfectPerf. climate in
Best time to traveltime
PerfectPerf. climate in
Best time to traveltime
PerfectPerf. climate in
TemperaturesTemp. up to 23 °C
TemperaturesTemp. up to 24 °C
TemperaturesTemp. up to 23 °C
Best time to traveltime
PerfectPerf. climate in
Best time to traveltime
PerfectPerf. climate in
TemperaturesTemp. up to 16 °C
MaximumMax. 12 °C

When to travel to Bhutan?

From June to August the climate is pleasantly warm, even at night it usually doesn’t get colder than 15 °C. The precipitation values are very low during these months with 25 to 1.42 in of rain. The other months are characterized by colder temperatures. In the winter months, temperatures may well fall below zero.

Autumn is generally considered to be the best time to travel, even if it is a little cooler the months of October to early December are also good for a Bhutan trip. In the summer months, the foothills of the Indian monsoon provide a limited view of the universally popular and legendary Himalayas.

The best time to travel in Bhutan is from January to March and from the end of October to the beginning of January. Despite the cold temperatures, some experts recommend winter as an attractive travel season, as low season prices are now attractive and the best view of the Himalayas is possible.

Climate Chart Bhutan


Climate Chart Thimphu
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Source of Data: German Weather Service (Offenbach) and Wikipedia

Climate Table Bhutan

In the following, you will find the climate table for Bhutan, containing information about Temperatures, and Precipitation.

Temperatures, Precipitation in Thimphu (Bhutan)

Day Temperature11°11°16°19°21°23°24°23°22°20°16°12°
Night Temperature-3°13°15°15°16°15°10°-1°
Precipitation (inch)
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The annual average temperature in Thimphu is 13.2 °C.

For comparison: London 11 °C, NYC 12 °C, LA 17.9 °C

Warmest month: July (19.5 °C)
Coldest month: January (4 °C)

Overall annual precipitation: 5.71 inch

For comparison: London 24.06 in, NYC 41.57 in, LA 12.01 in

There is no rainy season (months with more than 6.9 in of precipitation).

Months that have possible snowfall: February

Highlights and Attractions

A holiday in Bhutan is only suitable for individual travellers. The infrastructure is not yet well developed. The main means of transport are comparatively overcrowded minibuses. Those who appreciate adventure will love Bhutan. The main focus of activities in Bhutan are definitely hiking trips or even demanding climbing tours. The view of the Himalayas alone is an absolute highlight. Other sights include Buddha Dordenma, Punakha Dzong Monastery and Taktsang Palphug Monastery.

Current Weather and Forecast

Current Weather in Thimphu (Station Tashi Chho Dzong)
clear sky     clear sky, 5.2 °C
Clouds: 0 %       Wind: 0 mph SSO
Air Pressure: 644.83 hPa       Humidity: 54 %
Last updated: 18th Nov 2018, 05:30 am
The next days …
18th Nov 201819th Nov 201820th Nov 201821st Nov 201822nd Nov 201823rd Nov 2018
sky is clear-10 °C to 6 °Csky is clear-11 °C to 6 °Clight snow-9 °C to 5 °Clight rain6 °C to 17 °Clight rain7 °C to 18 °Csky is clear7 °C to 18 °C
-10 °C to 6 °C-11 °C to 6 °C-9 °C to 5 °C6 °C to 17 °C7 °C to 18 °C7 °C to 18 °C
Clouds: 0 %Clouds: 0 %Clouds: 0 %Clouds: 4 %Clouds: 0 %Clouds: 0 %
No Precipitation0 in of snow0 in of snowNo Precipitation0.02 in of rainNo Precipitation
Weather information provided by OpenWeatherMap. (CC BY-SA)
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