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On this page, you will find information about the climate and the best time to visit Zadar. We created climate tables and charts for the location of Zadar. These contain details about temperatures, precipitation and more.

Furthermore, we analyzed all climate data and provide a recommendation about which months are best to visit Zadar for your holiday.

Climate Overview

Thermometer Symbol 4 °C to 28 °C
Waves Symbol 13 °C to 25 °C
Rainy Cloud Symbol 1.184.21 in (5 – 11 Days of Rain)
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Geographical location

In the south of Croatia lies the city of Zadar on the Adriatic Sea and is considered the gateway to the Dalmatia region.

The city covers an area of 120 square miles and has a population of around 80,000, which includes a total of 14 village settlements.

Zadar has been well developed for tourism for many decades. In addition to the attractive coastal location on the Adriatic and the large harbour, the historic old town with its four city gates is particularly attractive for holidaymakers from all over Europe.

The region is also known for its excellent Dalmatian cuisine and a varied, very sophisticated nightlife.

Climate in Zadar

Croatie (Spiterman)  CC BY-ND Zadar has a temperate continental climate, with mild winters and warm summers. The year begins with temperatures of about 11 °C during the day and fresh 4 °C at night. Precipitation can reach values of up to 2.87 in in January. Starting in May, temperatures rise to over 20 °C and peak in July and August at an average of 28 °C.

Precipitation decreases significantly with rising temperatures, so the amount of rain in July is only 1.18 in with about five rainy days. At the beginning of autumn, precipitation increases to up to 4.21 in in October. These remain at about this value until the end of the year and are spread over up to 11 rainy days.

Best Time to Visit Zadar: Overview

MaximumMax. 11 °C
Water max. 13 °C
MaximumMax. 11 °C
Water max. 13 °C
MaximumMax. 14 °C
Water max. 13 °C
TemperaturesTemp. up to 17 °C
Water max. 15 °C
TemperaturesTemp. up to 21 °C
Best time to traveltime
PerfectPerf. climate in
Best time to traveltime
PerfectPerf. climate in
Best time to traveltime
PerfectPerf. climate in
Best time to traveltime
PerfectPerf. climate in
TemperaturesTemp. up to 21 °C
TemperaturesTemp. up to 15 °C
MaximumMax. 12 °C
Water max. 16 °C

When to go to Zadar?

The best time to visit Zadar is between June and September. The low rainfall and the pleasant temperatures of up to 28 °C create a great holiday atmosphere. Both cultural travellers and seaside holidaymakers get their money’s worth here. Water temperatures of up to 25 °C offer the best conditions for the jump into the sea or also for extensive diving tours.

In the spring months, city travellers can already find good conditions. Unfortunately, a bathing holiday is not yet possible here with a water temperature of less than 18 °C. The winter months are rather unsuitable for travelling, the increased precipitation values and also the sinking temperatures cloud the holiday feeling strongly.

Climate Chart Zadar

Climate Chart Zadar
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Source of Data: German Weather Service (Offenbach) and Wikipedia

Climate Table Zadar

In the following, you will find the climate table for Zadar, containing information about Temperatures, Precipitation, Water Temperatures, and Hours of Sunshine.

Temperatures, Precipitation, Sunshine

Day Temperature11°11°14°17°21°25°28°28°24°20°15°12°
Night Temperature14°17°19°19°16°13°
Water Temperature13°13°13°15°18°22°25°25°24°20°18°16°
Precipitation (inch)2.862.462.52.762.552.141.21.954.
Rainy days109910108569101110
Hours of Sunshine456791011108644
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The annual average temperature is 15 °C.

For comparison: London 11 °C, NYC 12 °C, LA 17.9 °C

Warmest month: July (23.9 °C)
Coldest month: January (7.3 °C)

The maximum water temperature is 25 °C. You can take a bath at these temperatures.

Months with water temperature of at least 17 °C (Limited bathing is possible):
May, June, July, August, September, October, and November

Months with water temperature of at least 21 °C (adequate for beach vacation):
June, July, August, and September

Overall annual precipitation: 34.61 inch on 107 rainy days

For comparison: London 24.06 in, NYC 41.57 in, LA 12.01 in

There is no rainy season (months with more than 6.9 in of precipitation).

Months that have possible snowfall: January, and February

As our climate table shows, July is the sunniest month with an average of 11.3 hours of sunshine per day. Over the year, there are 7 hours of sunshine per day on average. For comparison: London has 4.1, NYC has 7 and LA has 8.9 hours of sunshine per day on average.

Highlights and Attractions

Zadar has a lot of sights to offer. The sea organ near the harbour is one of the city’s landmarks, pleasant sea sounds invite you to relax in the sun. Cultural attractions can be found above all in the impressive old town, where the historical city gates from the Middle Ages and the remains of numerous Roman buildings can still be found today.

Guides also like to describe Zadar as a big open-air museum, because a walk through the city is like a time travel and full of exciting details. Romantic bays and beaches provide perfect holiday pleasures in summer, the pebble beaches Kolovare, Diklo and Borik are particularly popular. Exciting excursion destinations in the area include the white town of Biograd and the national parks Paklenica, Krka and Kornati.

Popular Activities

More attractions

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Current Weather and Forecast

Current Weather in Zadar
clear sky     clear sky, 6 °C
Clouds: 0 %       Wind: 4 mph NO
Air Pressure: 1019 hPa       Humidity: 52 %
Last updated: 18th Nov 2018, 05:00 am
The next days …
18th Nov 201819th Nov 201820th Nov 201821st Nov 201822nd Nov 201823rd Nov 2018
sky is clear4 °C to 7 °Clight rain4 °C to 7 °Cheavy intensity rain3 °C to 4 °Csky is clear7 °C to 11 °Cmoderate rain14 °C to 17 °Cheavy intensity rain14 °C to 15 °C
4 °C to 7 °C4 °C to 7 °C3 °C to 4 °C7 °C to 11 °C14 °C to 17 °C14 °C to 15 °C
Clouds: 0 %Clouds: 0 %Clouds: 92 %Clouds: 29 %Clouds: 26 %Clouds: 53 %
No Precipitation0.07 in of rain0.54 in of rain0.06 in of rain0.46 in of rain0.59 in of rain
Weather information provided by OpenWeatherMap. (CC BY-SA)
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Croatia: Regions

Zadar is part of the holiday destination Croatia. We analyzed the climate for additional regions, in order to provide you with information about the best time to visit and the expected holiday weather:

Zadar: Experiences of our Visitors

There are 2 reviews for Zadar holiday already. Average rating is 5 of 5 stars.
  1. Avatar Preview
    Joe, 39 years old was there in August

    Great weather, beautiful atmosphere and ideal for strolling along the beach or through the small alleys in the city. And very good value for money. Anytime again.

    Weather Rating: 5 stars – Excellent

  2. Avatar Preview
    Werner , 51 years old was there in July

    Pleasantly warm and sunny, in the evening and at night pleasantly cooler, relaxing

    Weather Rating: 5 stars – Excellent

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Zadar (Nick Savchenko)  CC BY-SA

Feel Zadar, experience Zadar!

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